21 April 2009

"And now, for something completely different"

When I as given the chance to photograph sporting events, I jumped in the wagon without a second thought. When the sport became football, I did frown... But what the hell! Guys running after a ball, kicking each other, fighting, pretending (famous football drama), and earning loads of cash... I thought "Why not?".

So there, I found myself watching a football match for the first time in my life. Right on the field, where I can hear players swear, see them spit, and curse the referee... Cool! :-)


nathaliewithanh said...

Nice! I find it difficult to photograph soccer with a 70-200. What did you use?
I found myself VERY tired after I photographed a game! Oooh, and never position yourself behind the goal... that will get you killed. I survived. But barely.

Chris W. said...

I used a 300mm lens.
People next to me either had 70-200 zooms, or 400mm lenses... or both!

I found the 300 more than satifsfying (I am a fixed focal length nut).
Of course being at the right distance helps.. ;-)

And I will never get behind the goal. I don't wanna die just yet!

nathaliewithanh said...

Time to move on to Wordpress brother...