30 March 2009

For Dorin's Aunt

This is Malick Sidibé's collection of cameras. It includes his own cameras, broken cameras (for spare parts), and client's cameras never ever reclaimed.

On the left side of the picture, you'll certainely notice the yellow boxes nicely stacked in the shelf. These are the actual archives of Malick. 50 years (or so) worth of negatives, "cautiously" saved in simple cardbox boxes, all in open air.

Open "Bamako [Mali]" air that is... With temperatures often reaching well over 35°C and 100% humidity...
No comment, right?

On the second shelve (from the bottom), in the middle you' certainely have noticed Malick's first ever camera: his Kodak Brownie. You had spotted it, hadn't you? ;-)

21 March 2009

Mr. Balasse.

Unexpected encounter.
A time to settle old grudges.
And look at the future.

I only wish I had his ability to read the light...

18 March 2009

Duke Robillard

And while buying U2's latest single in Ostende, I couln't help noticing a little poster about Duke Robillard... He was giving a concert in the area, in a smaller than small village... that very evening!!! Talk about luck!

The concert hall was tiny. I believe there was between 50 and 100 people watching. But Mr. Robillard really plays an incredible blues!!!

He's fantastic!

A walk in Ostende...

A city on the beach.
Never so quiet,
Never so empty.
A few lost souls wander.
A fisherman's seat seems to await the buoy spectator.
Fascinating little red dot dancing alone on the blue-green sea.

04 March 2009


Innocent dreams